Next Board Meeting

April 24, 2019  7PM

Weddington Swin and Racquet Club.   All are welcome.

Most Recent Meeting Minutes



Annual Lake Providence HOA Meeting

Sunday February 16, 2014

3:00 PM Weddington Swim and Racquet Club

Attending Board Members: Mary Lynn Knowles, Janet Garvey, Bob Thornton, Dan Cook, Kelly Kroll, Amy Sutton, Mike Davis, and Cathy Norred, Brian Hoelsel

Attending Neighbors: 18 people present. Attendance sign in sheet: Mary Lynn Knowles, Mark Knowles, Mike Davis, Cathy Norred, Dan Cook, Alix Phillips, George Conner, Charlene Conner, Chuck & Betty Beard, Mickey Key, K. Kroll, Lisa Peeler, Karyn Kemp, Dan Barry, Hollie Mervick, Lisa & Terry Lewis, Amy Sutton, David Basri, & Bob Phillips

President’s Address

President Mary Lynn started meeting by recapping projects that have been accomplished over the year:

  • Communication, new web site & emails,  landscaping, social, information boxes, new directory, 4 newsletters & facebook (only neighbors can see for safety).
  • Landscaping- Cleaned up all cul-de-sacs with new mulch & flowers.
  • Updating planned for new entrance signs with new font. We can vote on the font we like best.
  • Lollapalooza was a hit and took place for the Halloween social since children are getting older.

 Treasurer Report

  • Mary Lynn introduced Bob Thornton as our new treasurer taking over for Dan Cook.
  • Bob discussed and neighbors had a print out of a treasury report from May 2013 to January 2014.
  • Left side of report was checking information and right side is money market.
  • Landscaping runs $210.00 per month with some extras.
  • We have 173 houses and114 neighbors paid. (most ever)
  • 1st week of April 2013 an insurance check was deposited for the entrance wall damaged.
  • David Knoble donated lights ($400.00 per light) which have lasted quite a while.

At Large Discussion

  •  Hollie Mervich (new neighbor on Homestead Place) had concerns with the cul-de-sac by her house. Firetruck, buses, Fed ex, etc, cannot make the turn. She was wondering if they could just be removed. Dan Barry spoke up and said he would give her a contact to call to get permission from public safety. Safety issues could be a major concern since fire trucks cannot get by.  Hollie will investigate to find further information regarding the cul-de-sacs.
  • Entrances-Oakridge entrance needs attention and Shoreline will get a smaller entrance wall.
  • Street signs- Janet have gotten one quote for $15,000.00 for all of Lake Providence but will continue to get estimates. Goal is to have in 2 years. HOA dues will also be asked for donations. Put information in email, information boxes. Pat Garvey had an idea of putting up a street sign at front entrance to let neighbors know what our goal is and what it would look like.
  •  Alix Phillips asked if we could make the dues mandatory. Mary Lynn explained why we could not due to the way it was set up when the neighborhood was built and what the amount we would spend on attorney fees to get it changed would cost more than our dues we receive.
  • Lisa Peeler asked if there was a way we could power wash the front entrance bricks due to green mold on them. Mike Davis said we could not power wash due to the damage it would due but would check into hooking up to front neighbors to see if we could hook up to their water and clean them by hand.
  • Mickey Key would like an update when new neighbors move in so she can welcome them.

New Board Member Elections

Board Members:

  • President- Mary Lynn Knowles
  • Vice President- Janet Garvey
  • Treasurer- Bob Thornton
  • Communication- Kelly Kroll
  • Secretary- Cathy Norred
  • Lollapalooza- Jennifer Davis & Sue Fahy
  • At Large- Reggie & Amy Sutton (Christmas decorations & special events)
  • At Large- George & Charlie Conner

All agreed to by present neighbors 



Past Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Present: Mary Lynn Knowles, Janet Garvey, Mike Davis, Dan Cook, Kelly Kroll, Amy Sutton, & Cathy Norred

Meeting Summary

-Waste collection information shared by Bob Vaughn

     -Bob has information from GBUSA, All Points, and Waste Pro regarding cost and pick up days.

Financial Report:

-A report was passed out of Income/Expense. The Board President has a copy if needed.

-Noel Fludgate is taking down the Lake Providence entrance signs and updating them.

-Total cost is $1,100.00 for the job and we have paid him $500.00. His homeowners due will be marked as paid.

-Noel will be asked to double check the anchors when replacing them.

Annual Meeting

-Neighborhood meeting is scheduled for Sunday February 16th at 3:00 at Weddington Swim Club.

-Mary Lynn and Dan will meet to get spreadsheet of finances prepared for meeting.

Capital Imporvements Planning

Mary Lynn will get together with Mike Wheeling regarding 3 entrances and cul-de-sacs regarding mulching and weed 

prevention. Fed ex & Ups are running over curbs so what options can we do regarding the cul-de-sacs.

-Ask for donations for street signs: Janet thinks she can possibly get the signs for $10,000-$12,000. We have $5,000 set 

aside for sings as of today.

-Janet will also have information boxes up before the February 16th


-Mary Lynn will have newsletter out before next meeting and is working on Facebook invites.

-At large: Mike Davis will be leaving his position and Reggie and Amy will join at large position for the Christmas

decorations.(will need new bows for next year).

-We are losing Dan as our treasurer due to possibly moving and Bob Thornton will be his replacement

-Janet will ask Patti Moser to join a position.

-Jennifer Davis possibly Lollapalooza coordinator.

-Mike Davis has a friend that could possibly trap the muskrats in the lake.


September 23, 2013

Attending:  ML Knowles, Janet Garvey, Dan Cook, Brian Hoelsel, Mike Davis

Update on Financials:

As of now we have $16,638.00. Keeping $5,000 in the bank for operating expenses though May, we voted to spend $3,832.00 on landscaping cul-de-sacs and another $800 on 4 Information signs (1 per entrance).   Plans are to put $5,000 in the Money market account (bringing that account to around $7,000). We will make a drive for at least another 20 paying neighbors giving us an additional $2,400.  That totals $4,400.00 to landscape the entrances on Oak Ridge with brick retaining walls and Shoreline a brick entrance sign. That fund will also include refurbishing the 4  brass signs on the Beulah Church entrances.

Lallapalooza Update:   Saturday, October  19, 4-7. Can we make a RSVP page on the website?

Plans approved with the following changes:

  • change the Raffle to a live auction to increase sales
  • divide families to cover side dishes, desserts, etc by their last names
  • pass out directories at the party
  • possibly have some live music

If Chris Owens’ grill doesn’t work then Mike Davis will bring his grill and help coordinate other grills

Mike Davis will approach Scott Gaines to mow field.

Directory Update:

Send to printer this week.

Deliver to nonpaying homes in person to request payment

Landscaping and Info Signs Update:- see above

George Conner update:

ML will respond to him asking him to pay his dues and will refer him to the Architectural Review Board


Sunday May 19, 2013

Present: Mary Lynn Knowles, Janet Garvey, Mike Davis, Dan Cook, Brian Hoesel, Kelly Kroll, Cathy Norred


Started the meeting discussing the ultimate budget that we will send out on the yearly invoice that will go out next week.

There are 169 homes and if everyone paid we would have collected $20,280.00 (169 x $120.00). Last year we were at 61% that paid their dues.

- Janet got an estimate of street signs and stops signs for the neighborhood. It would cost $15,918.91 to do every street.

-The question is what will happen if a sign gets knocked down? Mary Lynn has checked and will get another 2 or 3 quotes on insurance but a quote from Nation Wide is $1,350.00 per year.

-Reggie called for quotes for new signs at front entrance but the calls have not been returned.

-Mike’s neighbor has a sign company so Mike will get an estimate.

-Block letters not a good idea because they can be stolen.

-Janet is check for an estimate for notification boxes at front entrances that tell about upcoming events and also neighbors can rent to say congrats for graduation, birthday’s etc.

-Mary Lynn wants 3 to 5 azaleas on cul-de-sacs. Will get a quote.

-Also speaking to Mike Wheeling about moving the tree that is off center on Oakridge.

-Need a quote from Mike Wheeling about the amount to replace mulch annually.

-Janet is going to speak with Shawn Hawkins and get a quote about doing the lawn care.


-Mike Smith that lives in Highview wants to do a joint Halloween social on 10-26-13 with us. It will be held at the empty lot on Highview and we will have hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. BYOB for the neighbors who attend. Also need to rent a porta potty and get tables from Weddington Swim club and possibly have Pat Garvey’s band to perform. The budget for this should be $600.00

 Dues Mailer

-Mary Lynn will send draft for invoice for the budget and Kelly will do any clean up so they are ready to be sent out.

-Due date for dues will be 6-15-13.

-No dues due from the new neighbor building on Sun Rise.

-Discussed several options printing out new directory. Binded or stapled.